Digital Poster – Circus Rhombe

Have you read the book “The Circus Elephant Who Would Not Perform”?

The circus director has made a poster with him, the circus artists, and all the poor animals and hung this poster up everywhere to advertise his circus.

The poster also hangs inside his expensive shack, where he sits and counts money.

You can also own this colorful poster which will adorn any children’s room.

With this version of the poster, you can sit at home in front of your computer and print it out, easily and quickly.

Once you have paid and received your PDF file, you can print the poster as many times as you want.

It is available in two versions, one with small logos and one with large logos.

The poster can be printed in all sizes you want but is optimized for A3 size, so a print in A4 size gives a really nice result.

NB: It is not allowed to print the poster for the purpose of selling it or using it for anything other than hanging up in your own home.

The PDF file may not be shared, but you are welcome to move it to another PC, mobile or tablet, as long as these are owned by the buyer of the pdf file.

Download limit is 5 times

3.03 $


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