Customer service

Due to my changing working hours it is not possible to get in touch by phone. In stead you can use the contact form. Emails are checked regularly throughout the day and I do my best to answer you as soon as possible. 

You can use the contact form:

– To ask questions

– If there you experience any problems with your order

– For praise and criticism

– Send a complaint

– Report errors on the website

– Make inquiries

– Provide me your personal opinion

– Tell if you have seen anyone using copyrighted material from my website and my products

– Inform me if you have seen any publicity regarding me, my products or my website, both good and bad

– People who do not like my books or have a personal attitude towards me, can also write to me as long as you keep a sober tone

– If you want some advice or tip on how to become a writer, actor, model, starting a business or something else, then I will try to answer your question the best I can

– Journalists can contact me regarding interviews et cetera

NOTE. My private Facebook profile is reserved for friends, family, colleagues and those I work with (actors, extras, models, comedians, singers, dancers, activists, makeup artists, casters, filmmakers, photographers, film school students, journalists and so forth) so if you contact me there you should either know me personally or be in the group of people with whom I can have a collaboration. All other inquiries you are advised to use the contact form.

Contact form

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